《TheSmellOfTheDead》 歌曲信息

歌词名: TheSmellOfTheDead
歌手名: LastDaysOfHumanit
专辑名: Sea of Cowards
上传时间: 2022-05-31 19:43:04
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[ar:The Dead Weather]
[al:Sea of Cowards]
[by: ]
[00:02.00]The Dead Weather - Gasoline
[00:05.00]LRC by lzh, from jiangxi pingxiang
[01:39.57][00:14.50]To be afraid is a luxury
[01:43.75][00:18.26]So cool your engines for me
[01:46.69][00:21.79]I don't want a sweetheart
[01:49.53][00:48.07][00:24.20]I want a machine
[02:17.14][01:52.83][00:51.67][00:27.44]I love you the most, I do
[02:19.65][01:55.62][00:53.83][00:30.23]When you're so close to me
[02:21.13][01:57.52][00:56.10][00:31.95]I can smell the gasoline
[00:38.68]To be soft is too easy, huh
[00:42.35]Don't get soft on me
[00:45.03]I don't want a sweetheart, sweetheart
[02:04.53]What you whispered should be screamed
[02:07.93]Screamed at the top of your lungs
[02:10.75]Any sense you had in the morning
[02:13.68]Is gone when the day is done