《ShallowBoy》 歌曲信息

歌词名: ShallowBoy
歌手名: Schmoof
专辑名: Enjoy The Ride
上传时间: 2022-06-01 21:16:10
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[ti:The Boy I Used To Know]
[ar:Marie Serneholt]
[al:Enjoy The Ride]
[00:00.00]Marie Serneholt - The Boy I Used To Know
[00:03.02]Album: Enjoy The Ride
[00:08.07]Editor: 猪鼻插葱http://lrcgeci.com
[00:13.20]We used to be so close
[00:15.85]Not one of those
[00:18.12]Shallow relationships
[00:20.41]That comes and goes
[00:22.67]We were the best
[00:24.92]Not like the rest
[00:27.49]All my girlfriends used to tell me I was blessed
[00:32.39][01:20.14]So tell me what happend
[00:34.57][01:22.33]Where did we... ha ha ha
[00:36.92][01:24.68]So tell me where did we go wrong
[00:41.02][01:28.94][02:28.14]You used to touch me
[00:42.81][01:30.58][02:11.58][02:29.74]Give me that look
[00:43.99][01:31.74][02:12.67][02:30.90]Tell me those words
[00:44.85][01:32.64][02:13.64][02:31.77]That made me think that love was forever
[00:49.98][01:37.74][02:18.72][02:36.90]You used to kiss me
[00:51.90][01:39.69][02:20.64][02:38.83]Give it to me
[00:53.10][01:40.84][02:21.78][02:40.02]Never held back on the good stuff
[00:54.74][01:42.52][02:23.58][02:41.62]Tell me where, where did he go
[00:58.63][01:46.27][01:50.86][01:56.06][02:27.24][02:46.69]The boy I used to know
[01:01.05]We used to be as one
[01:03.57]Second to none
[01:05.96]I thought the story of our lives
[01:08.22]Had just begun
[01:10.45]You were so cool
[01:12.67]Nobody's fool
[01:15.01]I thought that you were the exception to the rule
[01:48.42]Got a tatoo with my name
[01:53.22]I know he'll never be the same
[01:57.73]I know that life goes on
[02:00.93]But where, where did he go
[02:06.08]Na na, na na na, na na na
[02:09.43]Boy, you used to touch me