[ti:Looking For A Hero]
[ar:Vanilla Ninja]
[al:Traces Of Sadness]

[00:00.00]Vanilla Ninja - Looking For A Hero
[00:03.47]Album: Traces Of Sadness
[00:16.56][00:23.68]I don’t need a man
[00:19.34]Who thinks he’s good for me
[00:26.52]Who’s nice and charming
[00:30.99]I don’t need anything
[00:33.78]That people warn me to me
[00:38.15]I just need some help
[00:40.96]When fears are harming
[00:43.69][00:58.02][01:57.84][02:12.23][02:57.53][03:11.94]I’m looking for a hero
[00:47.43][02:01.45][03:01.17]When hate is coming to thrill me
[00:50.86][02:05.00][03:04.75]When love is trying to kill me
[00:53.98][02:08.15][03:07.87]In the dark
[00:54.90][02:09.13][03:08.93]Where my armour is broken
[01:01.80][02:16.06][03:15.65]Who will keep me from falling
[01:05.34][02:19.53][03:19.24]He’s here in my life as a calling
[01:08.57][02:22.67][03:22.36]When my hopes keep rewarding to zero
[01:12.75][02:26.88][03:26.65][03:41.25]Will you be my hero
[01:30.76]Your love must be a sword
[01:33.46]Cutting through dark in me
[01:38.03]Your thoughts must be a shield
[01:40.74]That will protect me
[01:45.07]Your dreams must be a towell
[01:47.92]Where I can hide from the world
[01:52.36]Your hope must be a guard
[01:55.20]That won’t reject me
[02:45.01]So I don’t need a man
[02:47.65]Just though we’re talking about now
[02:52.06]Oh baby, I need you
[02:54.96]If you’re a fighter