《ThereWasAMurder》 歌曲信息

歌词名: ThereWasAMurder
歌手名: Clipse
专辑名: Double
上传时间: 2022-06-01 15:26:56
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[ti:Murder Murder]
All I see is murder murder, my mind state
Makes it too late for cops in tryin' to stop the crime rate
All I see is murder murder, my mind state
Murder, murder, murder, and kill, kill, kill!
[00:05.69]Left the keys in the ,
[00:06.64]with a gat in each hand
[00:07.87]Went up in Eastland and shot a policeman
[00:10.69]Fuck a peace plan of citizen bystands
[00:13.28]But shit is in my hands, here's your life span
[00:16.08]For what your life's worth
[00:17.24]this money is twice than
[00:18.48]Grab a couple grand and live a nice land
[00:21.36]See I'm a nice man but money turned me to Satan
[00:24.01]I'm thirsty for this green so bad I'm dehydratin'
[00:26.48]Hurry up with the cash bitch,
[00:28.19]I got a ride waitin'
[00:29.30]Shot a man twice in the back
[00:30.90]when he tried escapin'
[00:32.08]I want the whole plot,
[00:33.11]I won't be denied nathan
[00:34.39]Maybe I need my head inside straightened
[00:36.83]Brain contemplatin', clean out the register
[00:39.09]Dip before somebody catches ya
[00:40.78]Or gets ya description an' sketches ya
[00:43.19]The connection was the prime suspect
[00:44.98]But I ain't set to flee the scene
[00:46.61]of the crime just yet
[00:47.59]Cuz I got a daughter to feed
[00:49.19]And $200 ain't enough to water the seed
[00:51.79]The best thing would be for me
[00:53.64]to leave Taco Bell an' hit up Chess King
[00:55.86]And have the lady at the desk bring
[00:57.79]Money from the safe in the back,
[00:59.40]stepped in wavin' the Mac
[01:00.98]Cooperate and we can operate and save an attack
[01:04.14]This bitch tried escapin' the jack
[01:05.90]Grabbed her by the throat,
[01:07.26]it's murder she wrote
[01:08.23]You barely heard a word as she choked
[01:10.07]It wasn't nuttin' for her to be smoked
[01:11.86]But I slammed her on her
[01:13.22]back 'til her vertebrae broke
[01:14.66]Just then the pigs bust in yellin' "Freeze!"
[01:17.13]But I'm already wanted for sellin' keys
[01:19.16]And bunch of other felonies
[01:20.59]from A to Z like spellin' bees
[01:22.49]So before I dropped to the ground and fell on knees
[01:25.13]I bust shots, they bust back
[01:27.16]Hit the square in the chest,
[01:28.54]he wasn't wearin' a vest
[01:30.89]Left the house, pullin' out the drive backin' out
[01:33.37]Need a backin' out this lady's Jag started blackin' out
[01:36.20]Pulled the Mac-10 out, stuck it in her face
[01:38.53]Shut ya yackin' mouth before I blow the brain
[01:40.58]from out the back ya scalp
[01:41.67]Drug her by her hair, smacked her up
[01:43.91]Thinkin' fuck it, mug her while you're there,
[01:45.77]jacked her up
[01:46.54]Stole her car, made a profit
[01:47.72]Grabbed the tape from out the deck
[01:49.41]and offed it out the window
[01:50.81]Like the girl on Set It Off did
[01:51.80]Jetted off kid, stole the whip,
[01:53.03]now I'm a criminal
[01:54.18]Drove in thru somebody's yard,
[01:56.11]dove into they swimmin' pool
[01:57.30]Climbed out and collapsed on the patio
[01:59.49]I made it out alive but I'm injured badly though
[02:02.38]Parents screamin': "Son, go in and call the police
[02:05.14]Tell 'em there's a crazy man disturbing all of the peace!"
[02:08.01]Tried to stall him at least long enough to let me leap up
[02:10.42]Run in they crib and at least leave
[02:12.22]with some little cheap stuff
[02:13.21]Actin' like they never seen nobody hit a nick before
[02:16.09]Smashed the window, grabbed the Nintendo 64
[02:18.82]When they sell out in stores the price triples
[02:21.22]I ran up the block jumpin' kids on tricycles
[02:23.60]And colliding with an 80-year old lady with groceries
[02:26.09]There goes the cheese, eggs, milk and Post Toasties
[02:28.89]Stood up and started to see stars
[02:31.49]Too many siren sounds, it seemed
[02:33.53]like a thousand police cars
[02:34.53]Barely escaped, must-a been some dumb luck
[02:37.50]Jumped up and climbed the back of a movin' dump truck
[02:39.84]But I think somebody seen me maybe
[02:41.70]Plus I lost the damn Nintendo and I must-
[02:43.81]a dropped the Beanie Baby
[02:45.49]Fuck it I give up, I'm surrounded in blue suits
[02:47.82]Came out with a white flag hollerin' "TRUCE TRUCE!"
[02:50.66]Surrendered my weapon to cops
[02:52.05]Wasn't me! It was the gangsta rap
[02:54.05]and the peppermint Schnopps
[03:07.45]-= Eminem - Murder Murder =-