[ti:Santana DVX (Feat. E-40)]
[ar:The Lonely Island]
[by: ]
[00:-04.00]The Lonely Island - Santana DVX (Feat. E-40)
[00:-03.00]LRC by lzh ,from jiangxi pingxiang
[00:00.93]What is that, Cristal?
[00:03.10]Dom P?
[00:03.83]Hell no! This is that Carlos Santana champagne!
[00:06.31]Oh shit, Santana DVX? That's my joint!
[00:09.25]Mine too but a lot of these busters don't know about it.
[00:11.95]Well, let's tell these motherfuckers!
[00:13.60]As a kid, I used to lay awake and think
[00:15.94]When was Santana gonna make a drink?
[00:18.50]But now I'm all grown and my dream came true
[00:21.12]Santana champagne, from him to you
[00:23.83]From the heart of Napa Valley and the guitar king
[00:26.26]Comes the sparkling wine to make a blind man sing
[00:28.73]Yo it's the champagne, from the man with the bandana
[00:31.45]I can't stand a flute with anything but Santana
[00:34.09]What's the first name of champ? Tt's Carlos
[00:36.58]And to that man, I propose a toast
[00:39.00]In the sixties he had lots of freebie sex
[00:41.71]Now he's gettin down with the DVX
[00:44.21]Excuse me, fellas, am I to understand
[00:46.50]that Carlos Santana has made a champagne?
[00:48.31]That's right, motherfucker! Here, try it.
[00:50.91]Alright. Awwwwwwwwww shit!
[00:54.75]I feel alive for the first time
[00:56.97]Each sip hits my lips like a landmine
[00:59.27]Without Carlos in my life, I was living a lie
[01:01.90]He makes his guitar weep, but his champagne cry
[01:04.56]He's a southwest, tie wearing bolo champ
[01:07.19]Comin' straight out the box with a bowl o'champ
[01:09.67]Yo he's a beast with the sugar and yeast
[01:11.61]Mixed in a pot
[01:12.34]Like the way his releases mix jazz, blues, and pop
[01:14.97]And the source of fusion
[01:16.28]He's lady's shoe producin'
[01:17.33]Plus he teamed with Rob Thomas for a music revolution
[01:19.90]On the seventh day it's been said God rests
[01:22.22]But on the eighth day he made the DVX!
[01:24.92]Gentlemen, gentlemen what is all the hub-bub about?
[01:27.02]Carlos Santana?!
[01:28.64]That's right, I see you bitches is enjoying my sparkling wine.
[01:31.21]We certainly are.
[01:32.49]Well be careful because this shit will get you fucked up!
[01:35.63]I'm like no other, one of a kind, my sparkling wine
[01:37.92]Santana DVX make you wanna have sex
[01:40.39]I'm rich bitch, I'm having my chips
[01:42.97]Get laid all the time, by seventies chicks
[01:45.22]Won hella Grammys, bitches throw me their panties
[01:48.15]I'm probably your daddy, I probably nutted in your mammy
[01:50.56]I'm a Bay boy, city life, been around the corner
[01:53.14]Try to play me foul and my vipers gon' run up on ya
[01:55.61]A legend, a boss, that's what I are
[01:57.93]Accidental pimp, trying to be killin' the guitar
[02:00.65]Not young enough to know better, but young enough to not care
[02:03.26]I get actin', might slap a bitch with my hair
[02:05.91]Left coast, up top, I bang that shit
[02:08.27]My sparkling wine'll pop Cristal on her lip
[02:11.07]Can't stop, won't stop getting my bread
[02:13.54]Packed arenas and coliseums, now watch me shred
[02:16.00]Oh Carlos Santana!
[02:20.67]A monkey drank a bottle and learned to speak
[02:23.61]A squid drank a bottle and became a freak
[02:26.06]A lion drank a bottle and forgot how to growl
[02:28.92]A horse drank a bottle, and fucked a cow