[ti:flown away]
[ar:Lene Marlin]
[al:Playing My Game]
[00:45.95]I’ve flown too high on borrowed wings
[00:48.75]Beyond the clouds and where the angels sings
[00:53.22]In a sky containing no one but me
[00:58.50]Up there’s all empty and down there’s the sea
[01:04.63]No one here but me
[01:13.56]There’s nothing but light
[01:17.24]That comes into sight
[01:31.61]There’s something up here that makes me wince
[01:36.49]And I still got the feelings that I’ve felt ever since
[01:41.39]I got to this place arrived at last
[01:45.93]In front there’s the future right back there’s the past
[01:53.13]Everything’s moving so fast
[02:01.70]There’s nothing but light that comes into sight
[02:52.58]The present like I’ve never seen it before
[02:57.39]Is this the right place to stay
[03:02.21]Please my wings fly me away.